This is the blog of SLP Art Culture Commerce.

SLP Art Culture Commerce is a multifaceted consultancy born out of the application of a myriad of experiences, skills, and knowledge of Sheri L. Pasquarella.

SLP Art Advisory is a consultancy designed to assist in varying aspects of collecting art and specializing in large collections. Collecting goals and directions are based on the priorities and interests of the individual and tailored specifically to the collector. Because of our multifaceted business structure, SLP has the unique ability to foster relationships and opportunities across many different sectors, including museum relationships, trust and estate planning, siting and physical spaces, among others. This commitment, from both SLP and our clients, has strengthened our mutual respect and relationships in the art community, allowing us access to the best quality works.

SLP Creative is a consultancy providing solutions and strategic planning for creative small businesses. SLP Creative has a strong focus in identifying human resource solutions and developing business infrastructure. SLP Creative has an eye towards sustainable growth teaching business owners how to harness opportunities in the fine art, design, and luxury sectors. Taking a holisitc approach to to business consulting, SLP Creative offers innovative and creative solutions to help clients achieve their goals.

SLP Collect answers the need for an art inventory program that is easy to use, from anywhere, at any time, on any device. As part of their service, Art Advisory clients receive an account and full Collection Maintenance services from SLP, assisting in the creation and maintenance of an inventory archive, both digital and physical.



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