“Gang of Seven” at 303 Gallery, 17 Jan 2015—21 Feb 2015


Gang of Seven
Image Courtesy of 303 Gallery

After passing through a wooden door inside the gallery, viewers leave the real world and encounter a parallel one: Gang of Seven – the latest Mike Nelson show at 303 Gallery. Through the assemblage of found materials from the North West Pacific Coast, Nelson has created a group of sculptures placed about the gallery floor and walls. The works are arranged as if replicating human life and behavior. The rag-tag aesthetic feels as if we’ve landed ashore on an island overrun by the competing desires and hierarchies of man – a Lord of the Flies or Planet of the Apes –type mise en scene.    It is an outsiders’ club observing our quotidian existence, assimilating and holding a mirror to our culture and habits in the process.

Mike Nelson’s Gang of Seven show at 303 Gallery runs through February 21st. The gallery is located at 507 West 24th Street in New York and is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm.

-Tatiana Mateus, Apprentice

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