The rumors are true: I am not a lawyer

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As a brief follow up to my previous post, I’d like to publically aknowledge that I am not an attorney.  However, I have enough of a background in legal matters that I find it a good idea at this point to state the following:

The opinions on this blog belong to me (and not you).  Having said that, feel free to reuse/recycle them at will, and if you do so it would be nice to receive some credit.  I am not an attorney, and therefore it is not advisable for you to construe anything I say as legal advice; if you are inclined to do so anyway (and I can’t see why you would be), you do so at your own risk.

Here are my actual background on these matters:

Originally it was my plan to be an arts advocate, and thus my career in the arts actually started as a detour from law school.  Prior to working in the ‘art world,’ I worked (briefly) as an assistant in a law firm.  I deferred acceptance to Fordam Law in 1998 so that I could work in the field for a year, but then wound up staying.  I applied again & was accepted for 2001.  Obviously that became an indefinite post-ponement.  Among my duties at Marlborough, I worked closely with Hanno Mott, the ‘art law’ attorney, running day-to-day affairs internally based on his advice for agreements, contracts, and copyright management.  As part of my preparation for law school, I did all of the obvious things (research, taking of exams, etc) and interviewed Nancy Hoffman & Hanno Mott on their careers.  I also read extensively on copyright (including the US Copyright Act itself in its entirety); later I took a legal seminar in art and law, offered by Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.  Since abandoning my legal eagle aspirations, I have confronted the law, lawyers, et al on a wide variety of matters – including both residential & commercial real estate, copyright, trademark, not-for-profit incorporation and business. At this point you could say that I am somebody with a long-standing intellectual interest in the intersection of law & art, and have some working knowledge of how these issues play out in the real world.

These doings were almost always in concert with an actual attorney…which I am not.  Just a well-informed lay person, like you.

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